Babies Galore!

FWMA is in the middle of baby season and things don’t seem to be slowing down at all.  There are several baby deer, many raccoons, 2 sets of sibling foxes, and birds of all shapes and sizes!

Although there is hope, one of the sad stories is of this precious baby deer.  Mama deer put their babies in places where they will be camouflaghed – they are often hidden in plain sight, and unfortunately, sometimes you don’t see them until it’s too late.  Such is the case with this baby.  Mowing his yard, the man didn’t see the baby until it was too late.  But after he hit it, he did the right thing and took it to FWMA.  One of the legs is broken and the other is badly cut – but the baby is doing very well!  Amazingly well!  Please keep her in your thoughts!

There is one thing about baby deer that a lot of people don’t know – when they are very young, they can’t go to the bathroom on their own!  They have to be ‘stimulated’ to go!  Mama deer does this by licking the little baby’s butt!  Well now, let me tell you – when Chris put out a call for a volunteer to become the Official FWMA Baby Deer Buttlicker – no one applied for the job!!!  So below is a clip of how it’s done!  Ya learn something new everyday, huh?


This next clip is of one of the precious, precious baby coons.  Clearly you can see why people think these little darling make great pets!  They crave attention!  They just want to be with you!  But the reality is that they are wild animals and they DO NOT make good pets.  He may be adorable now, but as he grows, his animal urges and instincts take over.  He is a WILD animal and we will act like a wild animal!  And the diseases he can carry can be deadly. 

I actually think this one is a little girl – she seemed to be highly attracted to my bling!  You have to listen close, but about halfway through the clip, she starts to purr…or sing….or whatever that darling noise is that a baby coon makes!


And what could this tiny little thing possibly be?  Well….it’s either Will Robinson or a baby Moorhen or Gallinule.  Jessica named him Will Robinson because of the way he moves this little arms around!  Remember the old TV show, Lost in Space? “Danger, Danger! ” Oooops – those aren’t arms he’s wailing around there – those are his wings!  Just an adorable little thing!


And last…a clip of some of the patients.  A Northern Gannet, Baby Deer, Baby, baby bunnies, Herring Gull, Ring-Billed Gulls, Swallow-Tailed Kites, baby coons, young Red Foxes (two sets), and a gorgeous Red-Tailed Hawk.


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Woodstork is coming!  Woodstork is coming – check it out:

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